Working with a reliable investment advisor is always valuable to you and your finances, but during current times, considering the effects of the current pandemic on financial stability, the services offered by an investment advisor are more important than ever. Read all about the value of an investment advisor in the current economic climate below:


The current economic climate

The covid-19 pandemic started taking its toll on the South African economy during the final days of March, when lockdown began. Since then, many individuals and businesses have faced financial difficulty due to having little or no work to complete. Though the government has taken action to try and prevent economic decline, the current global situation has put many people in a very difficult position and has incited a need for major financial planning. Through this time, many people have turned to investment advisors for help, as they should.


How an investment advisor can help

Choosing the right investment advisor is essential during these times to ensure that your finances are still intact when we, as a country, come out of the other end of this pandemic. An investment advisor will help you to prioritise your spending, providing you with the necessary advice that will contribute to the creation of a long-term financial plan. This will allow you to manage your finances, reducing your risk of making emotional, financial decisions which could negatively impact your monetary standing.