Protect Your Retirement Income with a Retirement Annuity

Whether you may just be starting out in your career or are already focusing on raising your family and taking care of them, saving for what seems like a distant time in the future when you need to retire might not be a top priority. However, the time to save is already running out and you need to make the most of your earning years. A retirement annuity can help take care of you one day when you retire, but it can also offer you immediate benefits today.

Investing in a retirement annuity today will provide you with tax benefits right away, while also offering you many other financial benefits in the medium to long term. To start with, your annuity premium can be deducted from your income tax that is due at the end of each tax season, up to a specific limit. What’s more, you also don’t need to pay any tax on capital gains or interest garnered from this investment.

You will also benefit from the power of compound growth. Over an extended period of time, your invested funds will start to work harder for you. The advantage of compound interest means that you will earn growth on the growth you’ve already earned. This makes your investment even bigger and helps it to grow and work harder for you. These are only a few of the obvious ways that you can start benefitting from a retirement annuity right now and not only some day.

Work with Borwa for Expert Assistance on Retirement Annuity Solutions

When it comes to entrusting something as sensitive and important as your retirement annuity to someone else, you want to have confidence in who you trust it to. Borwa Financial Services brings decades of combined expertise to each client portfolio we undertake to work on.

We are proud of our long history of excellent service and continue to work hard to drive innovation in our sector. Partner with us for expert assistance in maximising your retirement investment. Throughout the years, we have worked with countless investors in search of making their money work hard for them. We can do the same for you and help you maximise your current and future investment.

Our team of seasoned industry professionals works hard to help our clients’ investments perform as well as possible, and to generate as favourable a return on investment as possible. If you would like to learn more about us and find out how we can help you make your investment work hard for you, contact us today. We look forward to helping you maximise your retirement annuity and get the most possible out of it.