Financial planning 

Borwa Financial Services is a Licensed Financial Services Provider that strives to provide impeccable financial advice for individual requirements and client financial specifications. We believe in incorporating solutions that are tailored to the market forces. 

Annual events can be categorized into various classes which would need to integrate specialized financial planning. The first of which can include long-term planning such as setting up a retirement annuity and provident fund administration. 

Insurance is also a very important contribution to make which necessitates the need for emergency situations. The insurance premium could also be categorized according to various assets and liabilities in the portfolio. 

Appraisals on property development are appreciated annually. As a result, it would be important to get a qualified appraiser to identify the value of the property. 

Other events can include Annual General Meetings for various sizes of the organization and business operations. 

All of the above-mentioned financial planning activities for annual events would require an in-depth analysis of the financial statements and a clear identification of the types of resources required for the deployment and calculation of each type of resource available. 

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