When it comes to planning for your retirement, your main concern should be your pension. However, it’s not always easy to focus on your pension, especially when you’re worrying about other expenses. Thankfully, there are a few simple ways for you to grow your pension without too much fuss on your end. Here are a few tricks to help you escalate the growth of your pension:

Save your raise

If at any point in your career you are given a raise, don’t use this as an excuse to spend more money during the month, rather use it as an excuse to save more. Using the raise that you receive, you can easily increase your contribution to your retirement fund. We recommend saving at least half of your extra income for your retirement fund as this is a great way to escalate your pensions’ growth.


Create an investment strategy

Another great way to escalate the growth of your pension is through your investment strategy. One factor that you should consider closely is how your interest in your investment is calculated. The best form of interest for your retirement investment is compound interest as it grows your investment without much interference from your end.


Automate your savings

Automating your savings is also a fantastic way to ensure that your pension grows steadily. The best strategy for automating your savings is to create an automation that sends a specific amount of money into your pension the day after your income is expected in your account. This will reduce the risk of you spending any money that you could be saving instead.



Last but not least, budgeting. Budgeting is a fantastic way to save money each month. When budgeting for your pension, remember that you will need to budget according to the money that is still available in your account after your automated savings have gone off. By budgeting during the month and saving where you can, you may have even more money left over at the end of the month to place in your pension.